The Wray Mallory series—mystery and suspense with a paranormal twist—includes characters introduced in the Sullivan Gray series and the Braddock & Gray Case Files.

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Hell's Gate

Wray Mallory knows curses.

Formerly one-half of a team of paranormal investigators, Wray used her gift in psychometry to carve out a lucrative career in television. Objects speak to her. They tell her stories of their pasts. Some of them are cursed, and Wray has worked to break those curses.

Until one comes along which just might break her.

Divorced, out of a job and flat broke, Wray is eking out a new life in Kimotan Rapids. When a shady client brings a painting to the pawn shop where Wray works, she is pummeled by a vision—one of a ghostly woman clawing out of a grave.

Wray is led to a mansion on the edge of town—and ultimately to a cop named Mars, haunted by a suicide he couldn’t prevent. As the two forge an unlikely partnership, they find themselves on the trail of a centuries-old curse threatening the only remaining member of a venerable British family.

Wray and Mars are led to England and into the family’s bloody history. As they struggle to solve the mystery, they’ll need to face some hard truths about their own pasts.

If they can’t, the curse will claim more lives—including their own.


When a client brings in a Victorian-era album containing photos of the dead, psychic Wray senses something eerier than the images themselves. One photo is strikingly similar to the image of another man—one whose murder is being investigated by cold case cop Mars.

Wray’s psychometry ability reveals the pictures are far more recent than they appear—and that the same killers are behind them.

The investigation leads Wray and Mars to a historic West Yorkshire village and another suspicious death. And all along, a ghostly shadow follows.

Who is the spirit stalking Wray? What dangers linger with two killers yet to be located? And what answers might be found within a family history poisoned by evil?

Wray and Mars must unravel the mystery—before more faces are added to the book of the dead.