Braddock & Gray Case Files

The Braddock & Gray Case Files are standalone mysteries which follow events in The Sullivan Gray Series. They can be read after the Sully series or on their own.

All are available to purchase in e-book and paperback formats and are available to read through the Kindle Unlimited program. Audiobooks are becoming available as well.

The Edge Creek Light

A lonely track near a rural highway has long been the scene of an unexplained, ghostly light.

It also hides a deadly secret.

When seventeen-year-old Gabe disappears after a visit to the Edge Creek Light, brothers Sully and Dez are called upon to find him. As private investigators, they come with a unique skill: Sully can see the ghosts of homicide victims.

Focused on piecing together the circumstances surrounding Gabe's disappearance, the brothers quickly find themselves embroiled in a murder case.

Unexpected connections between the teenager and the ghost lead Sully and Dez deep into a traumatic incident that shattered lives.

Uncovering the secret could cost them theirs.

The Haunting of Thornview Hall

For nearly a century, Thornview Hall has played host to occultism, betrayal and murder. It's managed to hold onto its secrets.

Until now.

When Sully is forced to publicly reveal that he can see and communicate with the dead, he launches himself and his brother, Dez, into a disturbing murder investigation.

Sixty years have passed since five-year-old Miriam Garver disappeared from her Thornview Hall home. No one ever learned what became of her, and Sully and Dez are determined to uncover the truth.

But when a winter storm traps them on the remote property, the brothers soon discover determination might not be enough. The mansion isn't just haunted by more than one spirit—it has housed human beings as twisted as the house itself.

As Sully and Dez unravel the property's evil past, they are forced to contend with their own personal demons. Confronting the darkness around them carries stakes beyond the rescue of a young girl's spirit

It's the brothers' only chance to stay alive.

The Wynne Witch

A mysterious death. A vicious gang. And a spectre whose presence foreshadows a horrific fate.

When the Wynne family inherits a house from a deceased family member, they don't expect a ghost to come with it.

The frightening figure of a skeletal, wild wraith with a bloodcurdling scream leads the Wynnes to seek the help of psychic private investigator, Sullivan Gray. Rarely does Sully land simple cases. Where he expects to find one ghost, he instead discovers two.

With help from his brother and partner, Dez, Sully uncovers evidence of a homicide and an extortion plot ripe for murder. Tensions mount when he learns the truth about the shrieking apparition.

Those who see her are doomed to die.

Sully and Dez not only have a murder to solve, they find themselves facing a looming war with a dangerous gang. Failing won't just spell death for their clients.

It will mean theirs too.

The Blake Ghost

Sully thought facing down his past would be the hardest part of this case. He was wrong.

Now he's racing against time—and a dark spirit from his childhood—to save his brother.

Just before Christmas, Sully and Dez are summoned to help a young woman plagued by a frightening ghost in her new home.

But this isn't like any other job. This home has been built on the lot that once held the residence of the Blake family—the house Sully barely managed to escape with his life twenty years ago.

Sully connects nothing good with the place, his memories of abuse still vivid and barely held in check. But when the destructive spirit of Jim Blake possesses Dez, Sully finds himself in an even more desperate plight.

Childhood fear must take a backseat as Sully fights to find Dez and free him from Blake—before he does something that will destroy all of them.

Dead Man's Lake

Each winter, stories swirl about a ghost known only as the Ice Man.

The terrifying spectre prowls the area around Dead Man's Lake just before winter turns to spring. As the ice breaks up for another year, he vanishes, only to return the following winter. No one knows who he is or how he came to be there.

When a neighbour is left shaken by a run-in with the Ice Man, Dez feels obligated to help. But after Sully is attacked, the brothers realize there's far more to this spirit than people believe. Not only is the ghost the victim of a homicide, he's quite possibly homicidal himself.

Sully and Dez find themselves caught in a web of dirty dealings, betrayal and murder. To protect others—and themselves—from falling victim to the vengeful spirit, they'll need to solve the mystery of Dead Man's Lake.

And they're running out of time.

The Hanged Man

Pineview Prison has been emptied and the death penalty abolished. But whatever haunts the death row cell dubbed Hell’s Gate isn’t letting go—of the past or of its victims.

Brothers and private investigators Sully and Dez are contacted after the building’s new co-owner, Ed, is nearly killed by a paranormal force. With just days to go until the prison reopens as a hostel, Ed is desperate to rid the place of the murderous ghost.

His partner, Kevin, has other ideas. He’s invited a popular ghost-hunting TV program to the prison—a move that spooks Sully and Dez as much as the haunted location.

With only one night to rid the place of its violent entities, the brothers have their work cut out for them—and sharing space with obnoxious TV personalities isn’t helping. Not only are the crew members uninterested in heeding Sully’s warnings, they’re intent on provoking the already-volatile dead.

Decommissioned or not, this prison could prove inescapable. And Hell’s Gate might be about to claim more souls.


When a couple becomes the victims of an unnerving haunting, they call on brothers and private investigators Sully and Dez to get to the bottom of it. Sully discovers an auctioned car lies at the centre of the case—a car that carries with it the troubled ghost of a murdered man.

Reluctantly teaming up with a disgraced officer formerly with the police department’s missing persons unit, the brothers find themselves steering through a tricky investigation involving the drug world, organized crime and murder. The car might hold the secret—one that could rock the entire Kimotan Rapids Police Department to its core.

What happened to the man whose ghost has been appearing to the couple? What answers might be found through a disturbed person who’s been stalking Sully? And can the brothers figure it out without placing themselves on a collision course with the same killer?

Ghosts of Christmas Past

Three ghosts. Two drastically different options. One decision that could alter the course of Sullivan Gray’s life.

Since early childhood, Sully has been plagued by hauntings. So when a recent injury leaves him unable to see the dead, he believes this might be the best Christmas gift he’s ever received.

But his loved ones aren’t so sure. Sully’s changed, and they’re concerned he’s about to make the wrong decision for the wrong reasons. At their urging, he sits down with a friend, revisiting ghost stories of his past.

Will he accept spirits back into his life along with all the emotion, turmoil and danger they bring? Or will he shut them out forever—even if it means losing himself too?

Mr. Grin

A century ago, a famed ventriloquist’s dummy was the sole witness to murder. Named Mr. Grin, the puppet vanished after the brutal death of its owner, taking its secret into the shadows.

But Mr. Grin is back—and is ready to talk.

The recent acquisition of Mr. Grin by the Kimotan Rapids Historical Museum feels like a lucky gain. At first.

When the dummy begins to move, seemingly of its own accord, investigators Sully and Dez are called in. The museum director is hopeful she’s dealing with a prankster.

The truth is something far more terrifying.

What is causing Mr. Grin to come to life in the dead of night? Who was responsible for the death of the ventriloquist? And what dangers lie in wait for those who cross paths with the dummy and the ghost haunting it?

Sully and Dez need to find out—or the next death Mr. Grin witnesses might be one of theirs.

The Cursed

The ghost of a missing man. A coven poisoned by darkness. And a cursed object promising death to those who possess it.

Brothers Sully and Dez must find what connects them if they want to save a friend.

When the ghost of her missing husband appears to her, Judy turns to investigators Sully and Dez for help. But pinning Jerry down won’t be easy. He’s on the run, and Sully knows only one thing about Jerry’s pursuer.

It’s pure evil.

As Sully and Dez delve into the case, they learn Jerry was conducting research for a book—one intended to unmask the secrets of the Black Candle witches. Is Jerry’s murder connected to something he uncovered? Or is it something closer to home?

In seeking answers, the brothers team up with a disgraced TV personality who deals with haunted and cursed objects. Wray Mallory’s skills will be needed as the brothers race to solve the mystery behind Jerry’s death.

And to keep the curse from claiming another life.

The Haunting of Blythe Theatre

In the dead of night, a single bulb illuminates the stage of Kimotan Rapids’ historic Blythe Theatre. Called a ghost light, it’s intended to appease the theatre’s spirits.

But some souls will not be so easily pacified. And the ghost light is about to reveal something sinister.

When Jason is promoted to theatre manager, it’s a dream come true. That dream sours when expensive and cherished items begin to go missing with no apparent explanation. Jason wonders if he might have a thief in his midst.

Hoping to put a stop to the activity, Jason consults investigators Sully and Dez—and receives a truth he is loath to learn.

The items are being taken by a ghost. And there might be a macabre reason behind it. Two of the theatre’s many spirits were victims of homicide.

What message are the ghosts trying to send? What can the missing items reveal about the Blythe’s secrets? And what dangers will befall those at the theatre if Sully and Dez can’t solve the mystery behind the deaths?

Unless the brothers find answers soon, the Blythe’s ghost light will reveal someone’s final bow.


For many people, being snowed in at the beautiful Wakefield Inn at Christmastime might seem like a gift. For brothers Sully and Dez, it’s anything but.

More than one ghost wanders the corridors of the country inn—and at least one seems determined to take the living with them.

During an unexpected blizzard, Sully is nearly run off the road by a figure in red. At first, he worries someone is lost in the storm. He soon realizes the truth.

A ghost dressed as Santa Claus is haunting the area. And he isn’t the only spirit around this Christmas.

Desires for a normal family holiday disintegrate as Sully and Dez learn of a mother and son involved in a horrific crash near the inn. The brothers take on the search for the missing pair, but soon find themselves pulled in on a case involving a murdered man.

The situation intensifies when Sully awakens from a nightmare to find a chilling word carved into his flesh.

Messages are everywhere and answers are nowhere to be found. With Christmas right around the corner, the clock’s ticking—because there’s still a chance to save at least one of the missing.

If the dead don’t find them first.


In the old cells area of the former Kimotan Rapids police station, three men are found dead. With no signs of violence and drug activity in the area on the rise, police believe accidental overdoses are to blame.

Concerned the investigation might not be moving in the right direction, one man’s family hires private investigators Sully and Dez to check into the incident. After a visit to the abandoned building, Sully discovers he can see the men’s ghosts—and that can mean only one thing.

The men’s deaths weren’t accidental. They were homicides.

Who is responsible for these deaths? Why have some of Riverview’s most vulnerable residents become targets? What connects these murders with the deaths of a pair of brothers two decades ago?

And who else might die if Sully and Dez can’t find—and stop—those responsible?


Inside the carnival’s spooky House of Mirrors, fear lurks around every corner. Countless visitors have entered.

Not all have escaped.

An enjoyable family visit to the fair goes sour when a murdered woman appears to private investigator and psychic, Sully, inside the mirror maze. He returns home—only to find the ghost haunting his own mirrors.

As Sully and his brother Dez investigate, they identify the deceased woman as an employee of the travelling carnival. Described as well-liked, she’s nonetheless made enemies—and one of them is responsible for her death.

With just days to go before the fair pulls out of town, the brothers have a mystery to unravel and fast. But with the ghost trapped behind glass, how can Sully get the answers he needs to help her?

If he fails, she’ll stay imprisoned forever. And she won’t be alone. For more than one person, the maze—and the mirrors within—will prove inescapable.


Psychic Sullivan Gray is about to meet his match—and he might not survive the encounter.

When a freak landslide strands Sully and his brother Dez, they are forced to take shelter in the newly reclaimed ghost town of Sutton Hill. Sully is convinced a dark spirit is to blame for the slide. It turns out the ghost is behind far more.

The brothers’ hosts—a couple who inherited the historic townsite—are being terrorized and even possessed by the entity, and their behaviour is becoming increasingly frightening.

Sully and Dez reach a disturbing conclusion: the ghost shares one of Sully’s strongest abilities—one it’s using to destroy and claim lives.

The brothers must find a way to end the spirit’s reign of terror if they’re going to free the couple. If they can’t, none of them will leave Sutton Hill alive.


An Edinburgh townhouse possesses a terror so dark, multiple men have met their ends within its walls. More will die—unless brothers Sully and Dez can stop it.

When Paul Dunsmore reclaims his historic family home in the heart of Scotland’s capital city, he discovers he’s acquired more than classic architecture and wealthy neighbours. An attic room hosts an evil entity, one that has become infamous for claiming lives.

After a construction worker dies inside the haunted room, Paul does the only thing he can: he summons Sully and Dez to investigate and get rid of the murderous spirit.

Far easier said than done. The ghost is among the strongest Sully has ever encountered—and its deadly focus is centred on Dez.

With the attacks mounting, the only way for Sully to save Dez is to defeat the entity.

Or die trying.


Can a dollhouse predict devastating events about to befall those who possess it? Or is it the cause of those events?

Following a near-deadly mishap, the Durlow family makes a chilling discovery—the horrifying incident has also played out inside their daughter’s antique dollhouse. Alarmed, they quickly pawn the heirloom.

Wray Mallory’s psychometry skills reveal there’s far more to the miniature house than meets the eye—a murderous and ghostly history requiring the expertise of Sully and Dez.

What secrets will the small structure reveal about the Durlow family’s long-dead ancestors? And what dangers yet lie in store for the living?

Sully and Dez must unravel the mystery and lay a disturbed spirit to rest before another tragedy strikes.