The Sullivan Gray Series

Sullivan Gray sees the spirits of those who have died unjust deaths. To find peace himself, he needs to find it for them.



A missing girl. The ghost of a murdered woman. And one man racing against time to save them both.

The ability to see the ghosts of homicide victims has always been more burden than gift and, for twenty-year-old Sullivan, it’s never been heavier. As the storm of the century pummels the city, he finds himself sucked into a mystery, struggling to decipher clues from a ghost intent on saving a missing teenage girl.

His foster family has had his back since childhood, his older brother Dez acting as both wing man and protector. But as he draws nearer to answers, Sullivan finds himself pulled further from his family and increasingly on his own.

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A lifetime of seeing the murdered dead has led Sullivan Gray into a shaky truce with fear—until the ghost of a terrified man and the traumatic death of a friend shatter everything.

When Sullivan’s boss Betty is fatally shot, he becomes the main suspect in the homicide. But he’s got other problems. Betty’s ghost is guarding a secret, and a guilt-ridden Sullivan suspects uncovering it is the only way to guide either of them to peace.

The terror-stricken ghost of a wild-eyed clairvoyant dubbed Harbinger Harry adds a major complication, intent on possessing Sullivan to achieve his bloody ends.

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How do you find someone who no longer exists?

Two years after the supposed death of his brother Sully, Dez wakes up six feet under and six inches from death. With no air remaining, he is pulled back from the brink — by Sully.

The reunion is short-lived. Sully is kidnapped by a pair of masked assailants, leaving Dez desperate to find him. In a small cell, Sully finds himself alone, but for a disturbed man and the ghost of a teenager he has always known only as the Purple Girl. As his time runs out, he begins to piece together a past he’d rather have left in the shadows.

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Four years ago, seventeen-year-old spelunker Carter was killed in a cave collapse. The coroner deemed it an accident.

Sullivan Gray knows better.

A camping weekend with his brother Dez takes an unsettling turn when Sully sees Carter’s shattered spirit, a sighting that reveals the teen’s death was, in fact, murder.

The brothers launch an investigation—a job complicated by a marital infidelity case Dez has been handed and the fact Sully remains little more than a ghost himself.

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For years, the legend of Faceless Flo—a young woman who disappeared in the 1920s—has drawn people to Hollow Road in search of her ghost.

Some were never seen again.

Among the missing is a young banker who vanished thirty years ago. Dez is called in to help solve the decades-old cold case, and when a connection to the Faceless Flo legend comes to light, he enlists Sully’s help.

But not everything is as it seems.

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When the Second Son rises, the Circle will fall.

Uttered years earlier by a troubled seer, the prophesy provides a significant clue to the death of five-year-old Aiden Braddock. But gathering proof enough to catch a killer is easier said than done.

Their relationship strained by the recent revelation of devastating secrets, Sully and Dez must figure out a way to work together as they continue to seek justice for their loved ones.

A possible solution lies buried deep within a forty-year-old mystery. Psychiatrist Roman Gerhardt’s son was just six when he disappeared; Sully and Dez are banking on Gerhardt turning over damning information on Lowell Braddock—if the brothers can uncover what happened to the little boy and stomach what will amount to a deal with the devil.

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One night. One last enemy. One chance to stop him forever.

It’s all come down to this.

More than two years after Sully took desperate measures to escape his enemies, he finds himself headed for an inevitable showdown with the most dangerous of them.

Years of murder and deceit are catching up to Lowell, and the ghosts of those he killed are not about to rest until they’ve watched him fall. But as Sully and Dez close in, Lowell makes one last desperate strike—one that threatens everything the brothers and their loved ones hold dear.

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