Spirit Caller

One night. One last enemy. One chance to stop him forever.

It’s all come down to this.

More than two years after Sully took desperate measures to escape his enemies, he finds himself headed for an inevitable showdown with the most dangerous of them.

Years of murder and deceit are catching up to Lowell, and the ghosts of those he killed are not about to rest until they’ve watched him fall. But as Sully and Dez close in, Lowell makes one last desperate strike—one that threatens everything the brothers and their loved ones hold dear.

With Sully’s world balanced on a knife’s edge, he is left to question whether he has the strength to endure this final test—or if he must rely on the darkest part of his soul to defeat Lowell and bring down the Circle.

In so doing, he might save the people he loves. Or he might prove to be the one deadly enemy they never saw coming.

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