Second Son

When the Second Son rises, the Circle will fall.

Uttered years earlier by a troubled seer, the prophesy provides a significant clue to the death of five-year-old Aiden Braddock. But gathering proof enough to catch a killer is easier said than done.

Their relationship strained by the recent revelation of devastating secrets, Sully and Dez must figure out a way to work together as they continue to seek justice for their loved ones.

A possible solution lies buried deep within a forty-year-old mystery. Psychiatrist Roman Gerhardt’s son was just six when he disappeared; Sully and Dez are banking on Gerhardt turning over damning information on Lowell Braddock—if the brothers can uncover what happened to the little boy and stomach what will amount to a deal with the devil.

But digging into the mystery will do more than force Sully to face the torture he endured two years ago. As he closes in on a final confrontation with one of his most dangerous foes, Sully’s about to discover his darkest enemy might be himself.

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