A lifetime of seeing the murdered dead has led Sullivan Gray into a shaky truce with fear—until the ghost of a terrified man and the traumatic death of a friend shatter everything.

When Sullivan’s boss Betty is fatally shot, he becomes the main suspect in the homicide. But he’s got other problems. Betty’s ghost is guarding a secret, and a guilt-ridden Sullivan suspects uncovering it is the only way to guide either of them to peace.

The terror-stricken ghost of a wild-eyed clairvoyant dubbed Harbinger Harry adds a major complication, intent on possessing Sullivan to achieve his bloody ends.

As Sullivan struggles to cope with two angst-ridden spirits and his own internal demons, his family fears he’s losing himself. It’s only a matter of time before Sullivan begins to wonder if they might be right—and if Harry has foreseen a future in which Sullivan no longer exists.

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