The Dule Tree

How do you find someone who no longer exists?

Two years after the supposed death of his brother Sully, Dez wakes up six feet under and six inches from death. With no air remaining, he is pulled back from the brink — by Sully.

The reunion is short-lived. Sully is kidnapped by a pair of masked assailants, leaving Dez desperate to find him.

In a small cell, Sully finds himself alone, but for a disturbed man and the ghost of a teenager he has always known only as the Purple Girl. As his time runs out, he begins to piece together a past he’d rather have left in the shadows.

And Dez, with the help of his estranged wife, a wounded private investigator, a dog and a woman claiming to be Sully’s long-lost mother, races to unearth the clues that will lead to his brother — and keep him from having to bury Sully a second time.

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