Black Candle

A missing girl. The ghost of a murdered woman. And one man racing against time to save them both.

The ability to see the ghosts of homicide victims has always been more burden than gift and, for twenty-year-old Sullivan, it’s never been heavier.

As the storm of the century pummels the city, he finds himself sucked into a mystery, struggling to decipher clues from a ghost intent on saving a missing teenage girl.

His foster family has had his back since childhood, his older brother Dez acting as both wing man and protector. But as he draws nearer to answers, Sullivan finds himself pulled further from his family and increasingly on his own.

With time running out, Sullivan races to fulfill the ghost’s desperate quest, a path that will take him into a world of witchcraft, dark secrets and murder.

One wrong step will leave him a ghost himself.

The Sullivan Gray Series provides mystery and suspense with a ghostly edge, and the brother dynamic of shows like Supernatural.

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