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Sullivan Gray has seen the dead for as long as he can remember. Before he learned how to control his gift, it controlled him. His foster family—and his new, overprotective brother, Dez—will become the one thing strong enough to change Sully's fate for the better. Available only to subscribers, Haunted: The Ghosts of Sullivan Gray takes readers of The Sullivan Gray Series and the Braddock & Gray Case File series into Sully and Dez's childhoods and beyond, exploring Sully's ghost-riddled history and the evolving relationship of the brothers. The book—intended to provide added context to the two series—will be updated as new stories and scenes are added, so stay tuned to your email for more!

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Welcome to Kimotan Rapids

The Sullivan Gray Series began as an image in my head of a young man crouched over a grave, face concealed within the shadows of a hood, with a large, black dog next to him. Since Sullivan Gray first revealed himself to me, I've met many more residents of this fictional city and its surrounding area, including Sully's incredibly tall, overprotective, ghost-fearing brother, Dez. I've loved writing about these two and their adventures, and I hope you enjoy reading about them. Haunted, a growing collection of short stories and excerpts is available as a free download to those who sign up for my newsletter. You won't find these stories anywhere else; they're a gift to subscribers. As a subscriber, I will also keep you up to date on new releases, and I send periodic links to free books by other authors. If you're already a subscriber, thank you. I hope you enjoy exploring the world of "KR" as much as I do. Happy haunting! ~~ H.P. Bayne