Welcome to Kimotan Rapids

The Sullivan Gray Series began as an image in my head of a young man crouched over a grave, face concealed within the shadows of a hood, with a large, black dog next to him. Since Sullivan Gray first revealed himself to me, I’ve met many more residents of this fictional city and its surrounding area, including Sully’s incredibly tall, overprotective, ghost-fearing brother, Dez. I’ve loved writing about these two and their adventures, and I hope you enjoy reading about them.

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~~ H.P. Bayne

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The Sullivan Gray Series

Want More Sully and Dez?

The Braddock & Gray Case Files take place following events in The Sullivan Gray Series and follow brothers Sully and Dez in a range of standalone ghostly mysteries. Read them in order — or pick them up in any order. It’s up to you!

The Braddock & Gray Case Files

Main Characters

Sullivan Gray

Sully, as he is more commonly known, has seen the ghosts of homicide victims for as far back as his memory stretches. Taken in as a foster child at age seven by the Braddock family, Sully found the support needed to confront his fears and learn to help the spirits who come to him for help. With his brother, Dez, he forges a new path, first as an amateur investigator, and later, as a professional one.

Dez Braddock

The other half of the investigative team, Dez worked as a police officer before launching into a career in private investigation. Having lost his younger brother as a child, the only thing that scares Dez more than ghosts is the idea of losing anyone else. At six-and-a-half feet and possessing a solid frame of muscle, Dez is a physical force to be reckoned with—and he’s happy to use it to protect those he loves.